6 Point Socket

6 Point Socket

High impact 6 point sockets in a full range of sizes.

12 Point Sockets

12 Point Sockets

High impact 12 point sockets in a full range of sizes.

Torque Rated Sockets

Torque Rated Sockets

A one inch square drive, torque rated gold socket

Deep Well Socket

Deep Well Socket

Deepwell or long series sockets available in 6 and 12 point configuration.

Male Hex Socket

Male Hex Socket

Socket to suit allen head bolts, available in various sizes.

Socket Retaining Ring

Socket Retaining Ring

To be used on ALL sockets.




Alco Alarm

24" extended reaction arm to suit TTX Wrenches

Dual Point Reaction Fixture

Suits TTP series guns, eliminates moving reaction fixture.

Hex to Square Adaptor

Converts TTZ to TTX application to accept sockets. Refer also to TTZ Side Reaction Pad.

Side Reaction Pad

TTZ only. Used as offset reaction point with sockets. 

Alco Alarm

21" extended reaction arm to suit TTZ Wrenches

Hex Reducer

Reduces ratchet link from larger to smaller for cassette links. 


Fits under handle of TTP Gun to further improve safety by reducing operational noise. 

21" Reaction Arm

Extended reaction arm to suit TTP Wrenches

Hex to Hex Adaptor

Reduces OR increases hex size.

Square Drive Adaptor

Square drive reducing adaptor.

Stacked Socket

For very limited clearance applications. Available in all sizes. 



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The TORC Conversion Calculator is the most efficient way to get the correct Power-pack (pump) settings for any bolting task.