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Digital Nutrunner


The basic version of our tool, the digital version, is ready for immediate use upon unboxing. Utilize the buttons to adjust the desired torque and commence tightening operations. However, please note that this version does not offer the capability to save the tightening data.

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cost implications of using atlas copco smart nutrunners

Bluetooth Nutrunner

You can pre-program up to 10 presets and 10 batches to manage your process efficiently. These presets can target either torque alone or torque combined with angle. Switching between settings is easy, and once the task is completed, downloading the data for traceability is simple. No additional app, software, or Wi-Fi network is required.

Smart Nutrunner


You can pre-program up to 10 presets and 10 batches to manage your process efficiently. These presets can target either torque alone or torque combined with angle. Switching between settings is easy, and once the task is completed, downloading the data for traceability is simple. No additional app, software, or Wi-Fi network is required.

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When considering investing in manufacturing equipment like Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners it's essential to weigh the initial costs against the long term advantages. While smart nutrunners may come with a higher upfront price tag compared to traditional tools, the benefits they offer in the long run can result in significant cost savings. These advantages include enhanced production efficiency, lower rework expenses, improved product quality and decreased maintenance costs. Understanding these implications can assist companies in making well informed decisions about incorporating smart nutrunners into their processes.

Initial Investment Expenses

The initial cost of acquiring Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners typically exceeds that of manual or less sophisticated high  torque tools. This encompasses not only the tool expenses but also any required software, connectivity infrastructure and training for operators. However it's important to view this investment within the context of the advanced technology and capabilities that these tools bring. Smart nutrunners such as the Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners are equipped with sensors, data recording features and connectivity choices that traditional tools lack, justifying the higher upfront expenditure.

Enhanced Production Efficiency

One of the long term advantages of implementing Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners is the improvement in production efficiency they offer. These tools are engineered to streamline assembly processes by delivering torque and angle measurements thereby reducing error risks.

The real time feedback and data logging functions allow operators to promptly identify and address issues minimising downtime and ensuring operation of the production line.

In industrial sectors such as  automotive and aerospace, where precision in assembly is crucial, the efficiency benefits of smart nutrunners can be significant. The capability to tighten fasteners swiftly and accurately guarantees that each item meets stringent quality standards reducing the need for rework and expediting the manufacturing process. This heightened efficiency leads to increased output rates and educed operational expenses over time.

Cost Reduction from Reduced Rework

Rework expenses can have an impact on the financial performance of any manufacturing facility. Errors during assembly that necessitate rework not consume extra labor and materials but also lead to delays that can disrupt the entire production schedule. Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners help mitigate these costs by ensuring tightening of fasteners on the initial attempt.

The accuracy and dependability of nutrunners lower the occurrence of assembly errors thereby decreasing the requirement for rework. This is especially crucial in industries with quality demands, where even minor deviations from specifications can result in expensive rework or rejected products. By reducing rework companies can cut down on labor expenses minimize wastage and enhance production efficiency.

Improved Product Quality

Product quality plays an important role in maintaining customer satisfaction and competitive edge. Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners help improve the quality of products by ensuring that each fastener is tightened to the specifications needed for optimal performance and safety. These tools come with features like torque and angle control which play a vital role in preventing common issues such as over tightening or under tightening that could compromise the integrity of the products.

Enhancing product quality boosts customer satisfaction and also reduces warranty claims and returns. Over time, maintaining high product standards can build brand loyalty and increase market share. Investing in nutrunners therefore proves worthwhile as it enables businesses to deliver superior products that meet or surpass customer expectations.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Another significant advantage of using Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners is the decrease in maintenance expenses over the long term. Traditional torque tools often need calibration and maintenance for accuracy, which can be both time consuming and expensive. In contrast smart nutrunners are equipped with diagnostics and self calibration capabilities to reduce the need for regular manual adjustments.

These tools can self monitor their performance and alert operators to issues before they escalate facilitating proactive maintenance. This predictive maintenance feature helps prevent tool breakdowns and prolongs equipment lifespan.
Businesses can benefit from reduced downtime cost savings on maintenance and the assurance that their equipment operates efficiently at all times. The integration of Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners aligns with the Industry 4.0 trend, where interconnected systems and smart technologies drive innovation in manufacturing.


Smart Nutrunners can Integrate with your Systems

These nutrunners can seamlessly join a industrys manufacturing system enabling smooth data exchange and improved process control. By gathering and analysing data from the assembly process valuable insights are gained to optimise production, enhance quality and cut down on expenses.

Smart nutrunners data collection helps spot patterns in assembly operations empowering businesses to make decisions for process enhancements. This level of integration and data driven decision making sets apart technology investments from traditional tools limitations emphasising the long term value of these  investments.

Training is Available for the Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners

Although there are training costs for operators using smart nutrunners it also presents an opportunity for skill development and workforce improvement. Training programs offered by Atlas Copco ensure operators excel in taking advantage of  the features of smart nutrunners leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Investing in training and developing employees is key to attracting and retaining workers especially in a competitive job market. By providing employees with the knowledge and tools to succeed companies can cultivate a more capable and motivated workforce ultimately improving operational efficiency and product quality.

In considering whether to invest in Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners it is essential to weigh the expenses against the long term advantages they offer. These benefits, such as increased production efficienc, mobility, decreased rework costs, enhanced product quality and reduced maintenance expenses can result in cost savings over time. Moreover, integrating Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners with Industry 4.0 technologies and prioritising training and skill enhancement further enhances their value.

In the Australian manufacturing and mining  landscape where precision, efficiency and quality are demanded the benefits of smart nutrunners hold particular significance. By embracing these tools businesses can not only sharpen their competitive edge but also ensure sustainable profitability in the future. The initial investment serves as a strategy to future proof the manufacturing process ultimately yielding returns that far surpass the outlay.


Torctight-QLD is a recognised Atlas Copco dealer who can supply and servcie your Atlas Copco Smart Nutrunners. We also provide mobile calibration services throught Queensland and also have a depot in Brisbane

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