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Torctight-qld Mobile OnSITE calibration and test services

Service trucks are fitted with 4 different sizes of transducers
Service trucks have been custom designed with the most advanced technology for the highest level of accuracy
Pressure testing to 10000 psi oil pressure

Our state-of-the-art service vehicles have been specifically designed with the latest technology to provide onsite testing, repairs and calibration at your project site throughout Queensland.
This cost effective service has so many advantages to projects across mining, civil and construction operations, that we have had now expanded our service footprint to include a second vehicle to offer even more flexibility to our customer's projects.
If your project is currently sending tools off-site then it's time to review the benefits of an on site service!

By eliminating the need to send tools away, your project budget immediately claws back...

  • The freight component of getting tools to and from workshops  situated in major business districts. The cost can become substantial for large and heavy equipment, and leaves you at the mercy of 3rd party transport risk, as well as timelines for collection and return of your tools. In some instances the collection and drop off times don't correlate with your team being on site to manage them back into the workshop, adding additional risks of theft and weather into the equation.

  • The resource management of keeping track of where your tools are and when they will be back on site, which can often be a full time job that ties up valuable resources and adds a new tangent to project  planning to incorporate tool availability for work flow.

  • Our technical service vehicles are able to calibrate and test every brand of tool so they are effectively a one stop solution for your site instead of farming out different tools to different manufacturers. They also have a range of popular tools on board that can be purchased in th

Our streamlined system will deliver immediate benefit to your project in support of your existing workflow. Once our specialised truck is on site, your technician will systematically work through your tools requirements there and then, leaving tools available in the event they are unexpectedly needed or simply needed for a 10 minute job. It's not just a factor of convenience but maintaining your workforce momentum.

Your technician will provide a full asset report and certification certificates for each tool for inclusion into project management; and can even tailor invoicing to integrate with operational business units and budget projections.

Tools will also be stocked in the van, inclusive, but not exclusive to Stahlwille, Torc and Ingersoll Rand.


Three, six or twelve monthly visits, are available, depending on your company and tooling requirements. 

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