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Service trucks are fitted with 4 different sizes of transducers
Service trucks have been custom designed with the most advanced technology for the highest level of accuracy
Pressure testing to 10000 psi oil pressure

mobile TorquE Wrench calibration NEAR ME

When searching for a mobile torque wrench calibration service in Queensland there are a factors to keep in mind to ensure you get a reliable service that meets your requirements. Firstly, it's important to consider the range of services offered; it's preferable to choose a provider that can calibrate all types of torque wrenches such as dial and digital models across different torque ranges. This ensures that all your tools can be efficiently handled in one session. Secondly the accuracy of the calibration equipment used is crucial. Precise calibration results depend on the quality and well maintained equipment.

The third factor to consider is convenience and availability. Opting for a service that comes to your location can save you time and logistical hassle. Torctight-QLD have flexible schedules ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations. Fourthly, assess the expertise of the technicians handling the calibration. Our experienced service team have an understanding of torque tools and can offer not only calibration services but also valuable maintenance advice. Lastly excellent customer service is essential. This encompasses rapid responses, transparent pricing and the ability to customise services according to your requirements.

The Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Process


The mobile calibration service follows an organised procedure to calibrate torque wrenches effectively making sure that each tool meets the standards. Below is a series of steps involved in calibrating torque wrenches, on site:

1. Initial Inspection: When the technicians arrive they typically start by evaluating the torque wrenches. This assessment includes inspecting for any damages or irregularities that could impact the tools performance, such as checking the ratchet for wear and tear examining the scale (if present) and ensuring overall cleanliness.

2. Setup and Equipment Verification: Our mobile calibration unit is equipped with a calibration bench or rig that features a torque tester or transducer to measure applied torque. The equipment undergoes checks to confirm functionality before any testing commences guaranteeing precise calibration.

3. Pre Test Operational Examination: Prior to initiating calibration an operational check is usually conducted to verify operation of the wrench. This may involve cycling the wrench mechanism to detect any excessive resistance during movement.

4. Zero. Baseline Testing: The wrench is adjusted to its torque setting and a preliminary test is carried out to ensure that the tool accurately shows zero or its minimum setting. This step is crucial to establish the starting point for the calibration process.

5. Gradual Loading: Next the torque wrench is exposed to predetermined loads provided by the calibration setup. These loads are gradually applied across the range of the wrench. The torque output for each setting is noted, in ascending and potentially descending order to detect any hysteresis or measurement inconsistencies.

6. Verification of Accuracy: The readings obtained from the torque wrench are compared with the known applied loads. Any differences are calculated to ascertain whether the wrench aligns with the manufacturer’s standards and industry norms for accuracy (usually falling within ±3% to ±6%).

7. Adjustments as Required: In cases where the torque wrench fails to meet standards, adjustments are implemented. This could involve tweaking mechanisms of the wrench to ensure that its readings fall within acceptable limits.

8. Final Confirmation: Following adjustments, another round of testing is conducted on the wrench to validate that it now complies with specified requirements. The outcomes of this assessment are then documented.

9. Certification: The technician gives a certificate of calibration that includes information on the tools adherence to standards, the calibration date, the next scheduled calibration and any modifications made. This certificate is important for keeping track of audits and ensuring quality assurance.

Technicians also offer advice on maintenance and usage to help prolong the lifespan and reliability of calibrated tools. This detailed process guarantees that the torque wrench functions consistently in its designated uses ensuring safety and quality in operations where accurate torque's essential.

Torctight QLD is a great choice in Queensland because of their mobile services that calibrate and test a wide variety of tools. Our  use of advanced calibration technology for precise results and our team of experienced technicians ensure your torque tools are working effectively. With a mobile  presence they can promptly address customer requirements and tailor our services efficiently. Torctight QLDs commitment to ensuring customer happiness and adaptability in service delivery sets us apart as an option, in the area.

Tools will also be stocked in the van, inclusive, but not exclusive to Stahlwille, Torc and Ingersoll Rand.


Three, six or twelve monthly visits, are available, depending on your company and tooling requirements. 

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