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Service trucks are fitted with 4 different sizes of transducers


When you're looking for a torque wrench calibration service in Mackay it's important to choose a provider that makes certain accuracy and compliance are within industry standards. Torctight QLD offers mobile calibration services and  is well known highly regarded in the Mackay and Bowen Basin region having services the area for many years


Adhering to Torque Wrench Calibration Standards

A crucial factor to consider when choosing a torque wrench calibration service is their commitment to industry standards and Torctight QLD strictly follows these standards guaranteeing precise calibrations. Our dedication is essential as it ensures that the calibrations conducted on your torque wrenches will be recognised across industries such as automotive, manufacturing and mining that are common in the Mackay and Bowen Basin regions.

Convenience of Mobile Calibration Service from Torctight-QLD

Torctight QLD provides convenience, with our mobile calibration service bringing the calibration process directly to your location in Maxkay and the Bowen Basin. This eliminates the need to send your tools elsewhere for calibration avoiding disruptions to your operations. This service is especially helpful for businesses in areas such as Mackay and Bowen Basin where operations are spread out over large areas and any downtime can result in significant cost impacts. Our mobile calibration service guarantees that your tools are calibrated without impacting your workflow thereby boosting productivity and reducing delays.

We are Commited to Excellence in Calibration

At Torctight QLD, our commitment to delivering superior results is evident, in how we approach calibrating torque wrenches. We use state of the art, modern  equipment and advanced methods to ensure precise calibration of your tools. In addition to verifying calibration we also evaluate the condition of your tools and offer maintenance advice to prolong their lifespan. This holistic approach helps prevent inaccuracies and equipment malfunctions which are essential for upholding operational safety and efficiency.

We Work with Clients Throughout Mackay and the Bowen Basin

When selecting a service provider, positive reviews from businesses and users in the area hold weight. Torctight QLD has established a reputation in Mackay and the Bowen Basin by consistently delivering customer satisfaction and dependability. We have many loyal clients who appreciate our professionalism, effectiveness and prompt service, which are factors contributing to their ongoing support. Positive endorsements from colleagues in industries further validate that Torctight QLD is a trustworthy and capable calibration and testing service provider in the Bowen Basin.

Specialisation in Torque Technology

Our team at Torctight QLD possesses knowledge in torque technology and tool calibration. This expertise is tailored to industries in Mackay and the Bowen Basin, such as mining, where precise torque application is crucial for machinery safety and performance. Our wealth of experience allows us to identify any tool issues efficiently thus reducing the impact of tool downtime.

Industry Specific Expertise

Our knowledge not only guarantees accurate calibration but also enables us to offer customised advice tailored to your companys specific needs and challenges. Torctight QLDs expertise in industry matters ensures that we can effectively address the distinct requirements of your operations.

Torctight QLD provides an dependable solution for companies in Mackay and the Bowen Basin looking for calibration services. Our extensive experience, services commitment to excellence, positive customer testimonials and industry specific proficiency distinguish us from others. Opting for Torctight QLD means choosing a service that not only meets but surpasses the rigorous demands of your industry ensuring optimal performance of your equipment while maintaining safety and efficiency in your operations.

Service trucks have been custom designed with the most advanced technology for the highest level of accuracy
Pressure testing to 10000 psi oil pressure

Tools will also be stocked in the van, inclusive, but not exclusive to Stahlwille, Torc and Ingersoll Rand.


Three, six or twelve monthly visits, are available, depending on your company and tooling requirements. 

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