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Eliminate the risk of crush injuries while measuring movement with the wireless SafeTest Dial Indicator.
Used alongside the
Safe Gauge MultiTool, it enables technicians to complete essential live testing
in record time and out of harms way.

• 50m Bluetooth range
• Up to 10 hour battery life
• Fast (0.25 second) sample/update rate
• Measurement range: 0-10mm
• Rigid magnetic stand
• Accuracy of ± 0.01mm/0.0005 inch
• Connect up to 7 Dials to the MultiTool
• Connect up to 20 Dials to the Datalink


SafeTest Pressure Transducers allow workers to safely and efficiently measure fluid or gas pressure up to 50m away. This is a 6 channel kit with pressure range options from 25-600bar.
A standard PT Series kit comes in a rugged charging case with suited foam moulding for the Pressure Transducers, Wireless MultiTool and charging system. Accessory kits are also available with a MultiTool Mag-Base, couplings and adaptors for a safe, hands free pressure testing experience

Pressure Range

  • 0-25Bar

  • 0-l00Bar

  • 0-300Bar

  • 0-600Bar

Standard Kits

  • PT2 Channel

  • PT 4 Channel

  • PT6 Channel

  • PT7 Channel

Products and accessories are available to purchase individually or in a kit.

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