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Torc to own

Our Mission

Torc Tight Queensland is a company based in Far North Queensland. TTQ aims to provide modern, well maintained torque wrench equipment for hire at a competitive price, when you need it.

Our Service Offer

Torc Tight Queensland will arrange tool delivery to meet the client's needs. Tools for hire include, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Low Clearance tools, as well as Hydraulic Power Units; all for hire on either a day rate or long term (monthly payments). Additionally, we service and support our own equipment so it is ready when you need it. If it is deemed necessary, Torc can also come to site to service and re-calibrate equipment.

Our Tools for Hire

Tools for hire include:

Square Drive
Low Clearance Tool
Pneumatic Drive
Power Pack
Different Variations Available
Torc TTS Square Drive torque tool.
Low Clearance Tool
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