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mobile calibration and test services

Service trucks are fitted with 4 different sizes of transducers
Service trucks have been custom designed with the most advanced technology for the highest level of accuracy
Pressure testing to 10000 psi oil pressure

Our state-of-the-art torque tool calibration service vehicles have been specifically designed with the latest technology to provide onsite testing, repairs and calibration at your project site throughout Queensland.
This cost effective service has so many advantages to projects across mining, civil and construction operations, that we have had now expanded our service footprint to include a second vehicle to offer even more flexibility to our customer's projects.
CONVENIENCE and COST SAVING in Torctight-QLD's Tool Calibration Services

If your project is currently sending tools off-site then it's time to review the benefits of on site tool calibration servcies!

By eliminating the need to send tools away, your project budget immediately claws back...

  • The freight component of getting tools to and from workshops  situated in major business districts. The cost can become substantial for large and heavy equipment, and leaves you at the mercy of 3rd party transport risk, as well as timelines for collection and return of your tools. In some instances the collection and drop off times don't correlate with your team being on site to manage them back into the workshop, adding additional risks of theft and weather into the equation.

  • The resource management of keeping track of where your tools are and when they will be back on site, which can often be a full time job that ties up valuable resources and adds a new tangent to project  planning to incorporate tool availability for work flow.

  • Our technical service vehicles are able to calibrate and test every brand of tool so they are effectively a one stop solution for your site instead of farming out different tools to different manufacturers. They also have a range of popular tools on board that can be purchased in th

Our streamlined system will deliver immediate benefit to your project in support of your existing workflow. Once our specialised truck is on site, your technician will systematically work through your tools requirements there and then, leaving tools available in the event they are unexpectedly needed or simply needed for a 10 minute job. It's not just a factor of convenience but maintaining your workforce momentum.

Your technician will provide a full asset report and certification certificates for each tool for inclusion into project management; and can even tailor invoicing to integrate with operational business units and budget projections.

Torctight-QLD: The Ultimate Choice for Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Services in Queensland

In the fast-paced world of industries and machinery, precision and accuracy are paramount. For companies operating in Queensland, ensuring that torque wrenches and other critical tools are in perfect working condition is crucial for safety and productivity. Torctight-QLD emerges as the leading provider of mobile torque wrench calibration services in Queensland. Our recent expansion into Brisbane, servicing South East Queensland, has further solidified our reputation as the go-to solution for businesses in need of calibration services near me.

Why Use a Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Service?

Mobile calibration services have become increasingly important for industries across Queensland. These services offer convenience, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that essential tools and equipment are calibrated to exact specifications without causing disruptions in operations. In a high-demand environment where downtime can be costly, having a reliable partner for calibration services near you is invaluable. This is where we fit in.

Why is Torque Wrench Calibration Queensland Important?

Torque wrenches play a pivotal role in various industries, from construction and mining to automotive and aerospace. These tools are responsible for tightening bolts and nuts to precise specifications, ensuring structural integrity and safety. However, over time, torque wrenches can drift from their calibrated settings due to wear and tear, temperature variations, and other factors. To maintain the highest levels of accuracy and safety, regular torque wrench calibration is essential.

 Torctight-QLD's Mobile Calibration Service Throughout Queensland

Torctight-QLD has well established prominence in Queensland's industrial sector, earning a reputation for excellence in calibration services. What sets us apart is our dedication to delivering mobile torque wrench calibration services, ensuring that businesses don't have to transport their critical tools to distant facilities for calibration.

What are The Benefits of Mobile Calibration Services?

Minimised Downtime

The ability to have torque wrenches calibrated on-site significantly reduces downtime. Industries can continue their operations without the need to send tools off-site for calibration, which can lead to extended periods of inactivity.​



Traditional off-site calibration services often come with transportation costs and downtime expenses. Torctight-QLD's mobile services eliminate these overheads, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.


Increased Productivity

With mobile calibration services, workers can maintain their focus on their tasks, ensuring that projects progress smoothly. There's no need for additional scheduling, transport, or time off.


What are the Cost Savings of Using a Mobile Calibration Service?

Using a mobile calibration service can bring cost savings and efficiency improvements to businesses and industries. It has an impact on operational effectiveness and financial management. One key advantage is minimising downtime. Unlike calibration methods that involve sending equipment off site for calibration, mobile services offer on site calibration allowing equipment to be calibrated without disrupting daily operations. This helps reduce downtime enabling businesses to maintain productivity and avoid losses from inactive equipment.

Furthermore, mobile calibration services eliminate the need to ship equipment back and forth to calibration labs, which can be costly for delicate instruments. By avoiding packing, shipping expenses and potential damage during transit direct savings are achieved. Additionally these services reduce the labour involved in managing logistics related to equipment calibration freeing up employees to focus on their tasks.

Calibration Service Scheduling Flexibility Saves Money

Another benefit of mobile calibration services is the flexibility in scheduling. Businesses can schedule calibrations at times that suit them best such as during off hours or planned maintenance periods. This flexibility ensures that calibration activities do not disrupt business operations reducing the potential costs associated with decreased productivity.

In addition, regular on site calibration and maintenance provided by onsite calibrationservices play a crucial role in keeping equipment in top working condition prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Adhering to industry standards and regulations is another area where mobile calibration services can bring about cost savings. Ensuring that equipment is accurate and properly calibrated is essential for meeting these standards and mobile services assist businesses in staying compliant to avoid fines, penalties or legal troubles resulting from non compliance. Moreover providers of mobile calibration offer service packages tailored to meet a businesss specific requirements offering cost efficient solutions that prevent unnecessary expenses.

Improved efficiency is another advantage of using mobile calibration services. With disruptions and efficient on site support employees can carry on with their tasks with minimal interruptions leading to enhanced productivity. Greater productivity results in improved business performance and can have a positive impact on overall financial outcomes. Altogether the cost advantages of using a mobile calibration service are significant, including reduced downtime, avoidance of shipping and increased labour expenses, flexible scheduling options, extended equipment lifespan. It also ensures compliance with regulations with customised services designed for needs of businesses improving productivity. These benefits make calibration an appealing choice for businesses seeking to streamline operations and cut down costs.


How Often Should Equipment be Calibrated by Mobile Calibration Services?

The regular calibration of torque wrenches and torque tools plays an imprtant role in maintaining their precision, reliability and durability. The frequency at which calibration should be done depends on factors, such as how often the tools are used, the level of accuracy needed for specific tasks and the conditions in which they are used. Opting for a mobile calibration service can simplify this process, offer convenience and efficiency.

As a guideline it is recommended to calibrate torque wrenches and tools at least once annually. However this timeline may need adjustment based on usage patterns. Tools that see use or are used in critical applications requiring high precision may benefit from more frequent calibrations. Perhaps every six months or even quarterly. Conversely tools used infrequently or in demanding situations may suffice with yearly calibration.

Intensive use in scenarios involving high levels of torque or harsh environments can lead to quicker drift out of calibration for torque tools. In some instances more regular calibration helps maintain accuracy and prevents costly mistakes or malfunctions. Industries like automotive, aerospace or industrial manufacturing rely on torque application to ensure product quality and safety standards are met; thus regular tool calibration is crucial to avoid defects and uphold safety protocols.

Mobile calibration services provide the benefit of conducting on site calibration, which reduces downtime and eliminates the challenges of sending tools for calibration. This convenience allows for flexible scheduling making it simpler to follow recommended calibration intervals without disrupting operations. Businesses can schedule calibrations during off peak hours or planned maintenance periods to reduce any impact on productivity.

Apart from these suggested intervals it's important to perform calibration after any incident that could impact the accuracy of a tool, such as dropping it or exposing it to extreme conditions. Regular checks, maintenance and professional calibration help prolong the lifespan of torque wrenches and tools ensuring they maintain performance over time.

While annual calibration is a practice for torque wrenches and tools the actual frequency should be adjusted based on tool usage and operating conditions. Engaging a mobile calibration service simplifies schedule maintenance guaranteeing that tools stay precise reliable and compliant, with industry standards.

Torctight-QLD's Commitment to Quality Calibration Services in QLD

One of the key reasons why Torctight-QLD stands out in the field of calibration services is our commitment to quality and precision. We understand that torque wrenches are critical tools in many industries and that any deviation from accurate calibration can have serious consequences.

Why Choose Torctight-QLD for Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Services Queensland?

Expertise and Experience

Torctight-QLD boasts a team of experienced technicians who are experts in their field. Our knowledge and experience are unmatched, guaranteeing that your torque wrenches will be calibrated to the highest industry standards.


State-of-the-Art Calibration Equipment

Torctight-QLD utilises cutting-edge calibration equipment to ensure the accuracy of torque wrenches. Our equipment is regularly calibrated and maintained to provide the most reliable results.


Comprehensive Services

Beyond torque wrench calibration, Torctight-QLD offers a range of calibration services for various tools and equipment. Our versatility makes us the ideal partner for businesses in diverse industries.


Brisbane Expansion

Torctight-QLD's recent expansion into Brisbane marks a significant milestone in our commitment to servicing South East Queensland. Businesses in the region now have easier access to our calibration services.


The Brisbane Mobile Calibration Operation

The expansion into Brisbane at 4/41 Steel st, Morningside reflects Torctight-QLD's dedication to providing calibration services near you, wherever you are in Queensland. South East Queensland, with its industrial sector and manufacturing hubs, is an ideal location for Torctight-QLD's mobile calibration services. With our presence in Brisbane, we can now serve a broader range of businesses, ensuring that torque wrench calibration and other essential services are readily available.

Torctight-QLD has long been a leading provider of mobile torque wrench calibration services in Queensland. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and convenience has made us the go-to choice for businesses seeking "calibration services near me". With our recent expansion into Brisbane, we have further solidified our position as the ultimate solution for industries across South East Queensland. In a competitive and demanding industrial landscape, Torctight-QLD stands out as the trusted partner for torque wrench calibration and other critical calibration needs.

Tools will also be stocked in the van, inclusive, but not exclusive to Atlas Copco, Stahlwille, Torc and Ingersoll Rand.


Three, six or twelve monthly visits, are available, depending on your company and tooling requirements. 

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