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Torc Tight Qld  has  a large range of work shop tooling, and provides  a reliable source of industrial products. It offers services for your workshop tools and the industrial market in Australia.

We are the Far North Queensland distributor for a range of Torc bolting and offer affordable and efficient tool Calibration Queensland across the state.  We supply quality tools and spares to suit Ingersoll Rand, Stahlwille and other popular products at competitive prices.


TT Calibrations is a new Torc Tight service, offering an onsite mobile calibrating service,  because at Torc Tight, we know how important your tools are to your business, and our goal is to help your company save time and money. 

If you are looking for Queensland Calibrations, for whatever your tooling needs, Torc Tight Qld, can bring you products of quality, safety and durability. 

We are an Authorised Service Partner of Safe-Gauge tools. 
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We are an Authorised Service Partner and Reseller of Atlas Copco Tools.

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Looking for a Comprehensive Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Services and Industrial Equipment Testing Services by Torctight-QLD in Queensland?

Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Services have become an integral part of ensuring the accuracy and reliability of industrial equipment. In Queensland, Torctight-QLD stands out as a leading provider of torque wrench calibration services. Here we will explain the significance of mobile torque wrench calibration, the importance of Queensland calibration, the benefits of  using our calibration and industrial equipment testing services, and five compelling reasons to choose Torctight for your calibration and industrial equipment testing needs.

Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration Service

Mobile torque wrench calibration services play a crucial role in maintaining the precision and functionality of torque wrenches. The ability to calibrate these tools on-site eliminates the need for transportation, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. Torctight-QLD excels in providing mobile torque wrench calibration services, offering a convenient and efficient solution for businesses in Queensland.

Queensland Calibration

Queensland calibration is vital for industries in the region to adhere to quality standards and regulations. Torctight-QLD specialises in calibration services tailored to the unique requirements of Queensland businesses. With a deep understanding of local needs and compliance standards, we ensure that your equipment meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Torque Wrench Calibration Near Me

Proximity is often a crucial factor when seeking calibration services. Torctight-QLD provides "torque wrench calibration near me" by offering on-site calibration services across Queensland. This proximity ensures quick response times, reducing downtime and operational disruptions for businesses relying on torque wrenches for their daily operations.

Torque Calibration Services

Torque calibration services are essential for maintaining the accuracy of torque measurement tools. Torctight-QLD employs state-of-the-art calibration techniques and equipment to ensure precise and reliable torque measurements. This commitment to accuracy positions Torctight-QLD as a trusted partner for industries where torque precision is critical.

QLD Calibrations and Queensland Calibrations

Torctight-QLD's services go beyond torque wrench calibration, encompassing a wide range of industrial equipment. Whether it's QLD calibrations or Queensland calibrations, Torctight-QLD is equipped to handle diverse calibration needs. The company's comprehensive calibration services contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of industrial processes in the region.

Torque Wrench Calibration Services

In the south of Queensland Torctight-QLD sets itself apart through its specialised torque wrench calibration services Brisbane. The company employs skilled technicians and cutting-edge technology to calibrate torque wrenches with precision. This meticulous approach ensures that torque wrenches meet or exceed industry standards, providing clients with confidence in the reliability of their tools.

Torque Wrench Hire

Torctight-QLD not only offers calibration services but also provides torque wrench hire options. This flexibility allows businesses to access calibrated torque wrenches on a temporary basis, reducing upfront costs and ensuring access to properly calibrated tools when needed. Torctight-QLD's torque wrench hire service aligns with the dynamic needs of industries in Queensland.

Torque Wrench Calibration Tool

The calibration tool used by Torctight-QLD is a key component of its service excellence. Employing advanced and calibrated equipment, Torctight-QLD ensures that the calibration process is accurate and reliable. The use of precision tools sets Torctight-QLD apart as a trusted partner for industries seeking top-notch torque wrench calibration services.

G​auge Testing Services in Queensland

Torctight-QLD offers comprehensive gauge testing services in Queensland. Our team of experts is equipped to assess the accuracy and functionality of various gauges, ensuring they meet industry standards. Whether you require pressure gauges, temperature gauges, or any other type of gauge testing, we provide thorough evaluations and precise calibrations to ensure your equipment operates flawlessly.


Hydraulic Hose Pressure Testing in Queensland

When it comes to hydraulic systems, safety and performance are paramount. Torctight-QLD specialises in hydraulic hose pressure testing in Queensland. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous testing procedures to confirm the integrity of hydraulic hoses, preventing potential leaks and ensuring optimal hydraulic system functionality.


Hydraulic Pump Testing Services in Queensland

Torctight-QLD offers hydraulic pump testing services that guarantee the reliability of your equipment. Our skilled technicians perform comprehensive assessments to identify and rectify any issues with hydraulic pumps, ensuring your machinery operates efficiently and safely.


Hydraulic Cylinder Testing in Queensland

Hydraulic cylinders play a critical role in various industrial applications. Torctight-QLD conducts thorough hydraulic cylinder testing to verify their performance and durability. Our testing procedures ensure that hydraulic cylinders meet the necessary quality standards and can withstand demanding operational conditions.


High Tonne Jack and Stands Testing

For businesses requiring high tonne jack and stands testing, Torctight-QLD is your trusted partner in Queensland. We rigorously assess the stability and load-bearing capacity of these essential tools, ensuring they can safely support heavy loads in various industrial settings.


Measuring Tools Testing and Calibration

Precision is key in many industries, and Torctight-QLD specialises in measuring tools testing and calibration. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your measuring instruments, such as calipers, micrometers, and torque wrenches, provide accurate and reliable measurements for your projects.


Torctight-QLD's commitment to excellence and safety makes us the go-to provider for these essential services in Queensland. We prioritise the integrity and performance of your equipment, contributing to your overall operational efficiency and peace of mind.f

Torctight-QLD is the best choice for calibration services in Brisbane, and you can take advantage of our expertise in instrument calibration, torque wrench calibration, and other essential services. Established for over a decade in Northern Queensland Torctight-QLD has built a reputation for quality and service throughout Queensland and have now launched a new mobile calibration service in Brisbane


Calibration Services in Brisbane

Calibration services in Brisbane play an important role in maintaining quality standards and ensuring safety across numerous industries. Accurate measurements are vital for processes involving torque wrench calibration, pressure gauge calibration, and various other instrument calibrations. These services are essential for businesses to comply with industry regulations and deliver top-tier products and services.


Why Torctight-QLD is Your Best Choice for Calibration in Brisbane


Expertise in Instrument Calibration Brisbane

Torctight-QLD boasts great expertise in instrument calibration in Brisbane. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians who are very experienced in calibrating a wide range of instruments with precision and accuracy.


Torque Wrench Calibration Brisbane

When it comes to torque wrench calibration, Torctight-QLD excels. We understand the critical role torque wrenches play in industries like construction, mining and automotive. Through meticulous calibration, we ensure the safety and reliability of these essential tools.


Comprehensive Range of Calibration Services

Torctight-QLD offers a comprehensive suite of calibration services, covering instrument calibration, pressure gauge calibration and testing, and more. Our diverse range of services caters to the specific needs of different industries, making us a one-stop solution for all calibration requirements.


Brisbane Calibration North

For businesses located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, Torctight-QLD provides convenient access to calibration services. Our presence in this area ensures that businesses in the vicinity have easy and prompt access to calibration expertise.


Accredited Calibration Services Brisbane

Torctight-QLD is recognised for our commitment to quality and accuracy. We hold accreditation that attests to our competence in delivering calibration services that meet the highest industry standards.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology to Calibrate your Equipment

To ensure precision and reliability, we invest in state-of-the-art calibration equipment and technology. This commitment to innovation guarantees that your instruments receive the best possible calibration. All this is available with our mobile calibration service, direct to your door.

Pressure Gauge Calibration Brisbane

In industries reliant on pressure gauges, precision is paramount. Torctight-QLD offers top-notch pressure gauge calibration in Brisbane, guaranteeing that your pressure readings are accurate, preventing costly errors and accidents.

Queensland Calibrations Brisbane

Torctight-QLD's services extend beyond Brisbane to cover the entire South East Queensland region. We have rightly earned a reputation for excellence in Queensland calibrations, with many large mining and industrial sites employing us as a trusted partner for their businesses throughout the state.

When considering calibration services in Brisbane, Torctight-QLD emerges as the foremost choice due to our unwavering commitment to accuracy, safety, and quality. Our expertise in instrument calibration, torque wrench calibration, and a wide range of calibration services is complemented by our use of cutting-edge technology and transparent pricing. For instrument and pressure gauge calibration, Torctight-QLD ensures that your instruments are in optimal condition, minimising the risk of errors and accidents. With our expansive coverage in Queensland from Far North Queensland to South East Queensland, Torctight-QLD is your trusted partner in maintaining the precision and reliability of instruments across various industries in Brisbane and throughout the state.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use  Torctight-QLD for Calibration Services Queensland


Torque Wrench Calibration Expertise and Experience:

Torctight-QLD boasts a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in torque wrench calibration. Our team's expertise ensures that each calibration is conducted with precision, adhering to industry standards and surpassing client expectations.


Cutting-Edge Technology:

Utilising state-of-the-art calibration equipment, Torctight-QLD ensures the accuracy and reliability of our calibration services. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology reflects the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.


Comprehensive Calibration Services:

Torctight-QLD goes beyond torque wrench calibration, offering a comprehensive suite of calibration services for various industrial equipment. This versatility makes Torctight-QLD a one-stop solution for businesses seeking reliable and diverse calibration services.


On-Site Calibration Convenience:

The mobile torque wrench calibration services provided by Torctight-QLD offer on-site convenience, minimising downtime and operational disruptions. This on-site capability sets us apart as a service provider committed to meeting the specific needs of its clients.


Local Understanding and Compliance:

Torctight-QLD's deep understanding of local Queensland needs and compliance standards ensures that our calibration services align with regional regulations. This local expertise is crucial for businesses operating in Queensland, providing them with peace of mind regarding the compliance of their equipment.


Torctight-QLD has emerged as the premier choice for mobile torque wrench calibration services in Queensland. Our commitment to precision, advanced technology, comprehensive services, on-site convenience, and local expertise positions us as the preferred partner for businesses seeking reliable calibration and industrial equipment testing solutions. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your torque wrenches and industrial equipment consistently perform at their best, contributing to the overall success and efficiency of your operations.

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