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The latest offering from Atlas Copco, the Torcflex hydraulic torque wrench, places a strong emphasis on safety and user efficiency across multiple industries. With this innovative tool, critical bolting tasks are now performed with increased speed, safety, and intelligence, marking a significant advancement in industrial operations. All availqble from Torctight-QLD for purchase and servciing.


It's Quicker!

The introduction of the new Co-Axial coupling and hose system significantly enhances productivity while reducing fatigue, thereby streamlining the overall process for greater efficiency.


It's Safer!

With the introduction of the new retained reaction arm, operator safety takes precedence as the arm is securely fixed to the tool, eliminating the risk of accidental dropping.

It's Smarter!

Equipped with a plethora of innovative features, the Torcflex emerges as the most intelligent solution for on-field workouts, poised to serve as the foundation for our upcoming smart wrench system.

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Easy to Use Co- Axial Cable

Introducing the Co-Axial coupling and hose system marks a groundbreaking advancement aimed at enhancing productivity, minimising fatigue, streamlining maintenance, and bolstering operator safety during applications.

One standout feature of the Co-Axial system is its rapid setup compared to conventional screw-on couplings, along with the enhanced maneuverability of the couplings themselves.

With an improved connection method that is over four times quicker for operators compared to standard twin-line wrench setups, the Co-Axial system significantly reduces operation time, fatigue, and overall costs.

The Co-Axial hose boasts greater maneuverability around applications, thereby mitigating the risk of hose entanglement. The Co-Axial couplings further facilitate this by enabling full hose rotation at the wrench and pump connections, thereby reducing the time spent by operators managing the hose and minimising trip hazards.

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Screenshot 2024-02-25 111103.png

The Innovators in Hydraulic Torque


The hydraulic torque market has long suffered from a lack of innovation, with no new technologies emerging. However, the introduction of the Torcflex range of hydraulic torque wrenches marks a significant shift. This innovative tool integrates brand new features aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency for operators, promising to revolutionise processes. Key features include:

  • Retained reaction arm: Mitigates serious drop hazards and reduces the risk of injuries.

  • Square drive retainer: Prevents drop hazards and loss of components.

  • Co-axial hose: Streamlines operations by eliminating the need for twin-line hoses, simplifying attachment for faster use.

  • Support Handle: Offers an ergonomic design with twelve-position indexing for optimal application.

  • Retained Link Pin: Facilitates efficient change of ratchet links, enhancing productivity.

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