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Quality & Durability


Torc Tight provides a range of tools to supply for your bolting needs. Click on the links to see some of our Torc tools. 



Tools and Extras


Torc Tight provides a range of bolting solutions across Far North Queensland.


Our hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches are manufactured in the USA, which guarantees the highest level of safety, quality and durable no matter the industry.


The Torc Tight range ensures:


• Accuracy

• Reliability

• Innovative weight to torque ratio

• Lower cost and reduced maintenance

• Faster tools, with an internal ratchet that prevents significant role back with each cycle.


Customer service is our priority with an industry leading comprehensive 13-month warranty, supportive after sales service and tool training options to achieve safe operation of your new Torc Tools.


When you think of torque tooling, think Torc Tight!

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