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The Hydraulic Square Drive Wrench, RT by Atlas Copco stands out for its robustness, power, and precision. It offers versatility, whether utilised with a standard configuration or tailored to specific needs through our extensive selection of hydraulic torque wrench accessories. Within the RT Series, the splined square drive ensures an even distribution of load across drive components, ensuring the seamless transmission of force for heavy-duty applications.

Technical Specifications

Torque range min                                  Torque Range Max

5368 Nm                                                 35096Nm

Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool.jpeg


Enter the world of industrial craftsmanship, where precision meets power in the form of the Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the wonders of this indispensable tool. From its versatile applications to its technical prowess, and the pivotal role of Torctight-QLD as authorised service agents and resellers, let's delve into what makes this tool a game-changer.

Understanding the Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool: Imagine a tool that effortlessly combines strength with finesse, designed to tackle a multitude of tasks with ease. That's precisely what the Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool embodies. It's not just any ordinary tool; it's a masterpiece of engineering tailored for precision and reliability.

Applications: Let's talk about versatility. The Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool is like the Swiss Army knife of the industrial world – it can do it all. Whether you're in automotive, manufacturing, construction, or aerospace, this tool has got your back. Need to tighten bolts in an engine? No problem. Constructing heavy machinery? Piece of cake. Installing critical components in an aircraft? Consider it done. This tool is your go-to solution for any task that demands precision and power.

Technical Specifications: Now, let's get technical (but don't worry, we'll keep it simple). The Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool is a beast under the hood. Built to last, it's made from top-notch materials that can withstand the harshest of environments. But that's just the beginning. With its adjustable torque output, this tool gives you the power to tighten bolts with precision, from delicate adjustments to heavy-duty fastenings. Plus, its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, because who wants sore hands, right? And let's not forget about compatibility – this tool plays well with others, thanks to its range of accessories and adapters. Whatever the job, this tool is up for the challenge.

Meet Torctight-QLD: Your Trusted Partner: Now, let's talk about peace of mind. When you invest in an Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool, you're not just buying a tool – you're investing in a partnership. And that's where Torctight-QLD comes in. As authorised service agents and resellers of Atlas Copco tools, they're the experts you can trust to keep your tool in tip-top shape. Need maintenance or repairs? Weve got you covered. Want to buy genuine Atlas Copco products? Look no further. With Torctight-QLD, you can rest easy knowing that your tool is in good hands.


The Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool is more than just a tool – it's a game-changer. With its versatility, technical prowess, and the support of Torctight-QLD as authorised service agents and resellers, it's a must-have for any industrial task. So why settle for anything less? Upgrade to the Atlas Copco Square Drive Tool today and experience the power of precision firsthand.

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