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Heavy Duty Vinyl Tool Bags Designed By TorcTight-QLD

Our black and orange Vinyl Tool bags are Australian made using quality materials and are designed for endurance and heavy lifting. 

The TorcTight-QLD's Vinyl Tool Bag Fetaures​

Our heavy duty rip-stop Vinyl Tool Bag has four pockets on the front and one on each side, as well as two separate internal sections with stitched in tool sleeves.


We have built in a clear document sleeve on the top flap and a hard base to make sure your tools remain looked after and well cared for.


Includes a sling strap, and a high vis stripe along the front, this bag is ideal for your tooling needs. ​

Tested in high usage and 


64cm long

23cm wide

25cm high. 

Tool Rolls

Different to our past Tool Bags, the Tool Rolls are now sold separately. The Heavy Duty rip-stop Vinyl, orange and black Roll has 13 pouches of increasing size, ideal for protecting and organising your tools.  


The Tool Roll dimensions are approximately:

57 cm wide x 34 cm  high


For more information, press the Contact Now button to get in touch with one of our sales reps. 


Tool Bag with Front and side Pockets:​


Tool rolls sold seperately:

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Photo 24-5-18, 2 36 00 pm.jpg

Why Are Torctight-QLD's Heavy Duty Vinyl Tool Bags the Best?


Torctight Qld's Vinyl Tool Bag is highly prized for its durability making it a top choice for all people requiring a high quality vinyl tool bag and DIY enthusiasts. Designed and made  in Far North Queensland by our experienced team we have ensured they are built with premium vinyl to withstand use in settings from mining to construction sites and home workshops. The sturdy material is tear resistant and waterproof ensuring that tools stay safe and dry in challenging weather conditions.

The significance of durability in a tool bag cannot be emphasised enough. A durable tool bag not only protects tools from damage and the elements but also offers reliability and peace of mind to users. With a bag like Torctight-QLD's you can concentrate on your job without worrying about your bag tearing or leaking. This durability prolongs the lifespan of both the bag and the tools it holds resulting in long term cost savings and reduced need for replacements.

Moreover the Torctight Qld Vinyl Tool Bag boasts reinforced seams and heavy duty velcro enhancing its durability and usability. 


Vinyl Makes for a Water Resistant Tool Bag

Torctight Qlds vinyl tool bags are highly sought after for their water resistance, a feature that users in various industries really desire. Made from an engineered heavy duty rip-stop vinyl material, these tool bags effectively keep water out ensuring that the tools inside stay safe from moisture, rust and potential harm. This ability to resist water is especially important for those working in harsh weather conditions or environments where exposure to liquid is common, such as plumbing, construction or marine settings.

The importance of water resistance in a tool bag goes beyond protecting the tools themselves. It also helps maintain the tools functionality and longevity keeping them in good working order and corrosion free. This reliability saves professionals time and money by reducing the need for frequent tool maintenance and preventing replacements due to water damage.

Furthermore Torctight Qlds dedication to quality when crafting these vinyl tool bags gives users peace of mind that their equipment will remain dry and secure regardless of conditions. This assurance allows workers to focus on their tasks confidently knowing that their tools are well protected. 

Multiple Compartments Makes Organisation Easy

The Torctight Qld vinyl tool bag is known for its features offering well designed compartments for efficient storage. It caters to tooling needs with storage options that enhance accessibility and productivity. Featuring four pockets on the front and one on each side this bag allows access to commonly used tools and small accessories.

Inside the bag is divided into two sections, each with stitched in tool sleeves to keep tools secure and organized. This setup maximises space. Helps locate specific tools saving time on the job.

Adding to its functionality the bag includes a document sleeve on the flap for convenient storage of job sheets or manuals needed at a glance. A sturdy hard base ensures tool protection in harsh conditions while a sling strap allows for carrying and a high visibility stripe enhances safety.

Measuring 64cm long 23cm wide and 25cm high this practical and durable tool bag is a  great companion for any toolkit.

How to Maintain Your Vinyl Tool Bag


To ensure your vinyl tool bag remains in great condition and is a long term home for your tools it's important to take proper care of it. Here are some practical tips for maintaining your vinyl tool bag:

1. Keep it Clean: Regularly wipe down your vinyl tool bag with a cloth dampened in water and mild soap to remove dirt and grime. Avoid using cleaners or brushes that could harm the vinyl surface.

2. Condition the Vinyl: After cleaning apply a vinyl conditioner to keep the bag supple and prevent cracking. This will help preserve the appearance and durability of the bag.

3. Store Wisely: Store your tool bag in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent UV damage that can degrade the vinyl over time.

4. Regularly Check for Damage: inspect your tool bag for any signs of wear or tear such as tears or loose stitching and address them quickly to avoid damage.

By adhering to these upkeep procedures you can prolong the lifespan of your vinyl tool pouch. Guarantee its effectiveness, in maintaining the organisation and safety of your tools.

Torctight-QLD's tough Vinyl Tool Bags will give years of servcie given the right treatment. Constructed from high quality rip-stop material you can't go wrong with a vin yl tool bag from Torctight-QLD.

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